Understanding Online Slot Machines

Anyone that has visited an online casino and has enjoyed the slot machines will have a basic understanding of how the online slot machines work. There can be a lot of confusion as to how these games work.

The Random Number Generator

The online slot machines are operated through computer components. What these components do is decide the frequencies of the combinations that will be produced on each spin. This is called the random number generator. There are no components built into the online slots that allow it to keep track of whether the player has won or lost. In other words, it does not have a memory. It can’t recall how long you have played a particular slot or how many times you may have played. The outcome of the slot is all based on mathematical equations.

Different Type Of Slot Games

There are so many different versions of slot games online that can be enjoyed that they can almost become confusing and overwhelming. Ideally, it is worth learning what some of the more common ones are to help when making your choice.

Three Reel Slots

Three reel slots are the ones that have been around the longest and the easiest to understand. Normally these are comprised of three reels. They have different symbols on them with the objective to line up the same symbols which will then give some type of payout.

Multiple Reels

These are often called video slot games, and they have a minimum of five reels. A lot of them have many more which leads to a little bit more confusion for the new slot game player. With the multi-pay lines that these particular slots offer it gives more opportunity to rack up some big wins.

Bonus Slot Games

These are one of the newer type slot games that have become extremely popular. What they will do is give the player a bonus of some type if they are able to match the criteria that have been set for them. For example, a bonus slot game may require three bonus symbols to show up in the reels to activate the bonus game. The bonus games will vary widely and can range anywhere from having to choose from secret icons to determine an amount won or to allow them to play additional games that are built in the slot.