What Are Online Casino Welcome Bonuses?

Most of the online casinos are very competitive which means that they have to work hard with their marketing. One of the ways they will entice new players to join their site is through different types of bonuses. One of the most well-known bonuses is the welcome bonus.

How It Works

In most cases, new players will be required to register at the site where they want to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Once this is done then the online casino will expect the new player to deposit some money to be able to play with. In order to encourage this, the casino may offer a match of the amount being deposited. So for example, if a new player deposits $100, then the casino may match this with $100 worth of free play money.

The Conditions

While it is exciting to be able to have extra money to play with there are usually conditions that are attached to it. The most common conditions are the play through. Which means that whatever play money has been issued has to be played through a certain amount of times.

Each casino is different in what that they will require for the play through this. In many cases, the play through will also include the deposit amount. So for example with $100 deposit and $100 of play money, this totals $200, and the casino may say that it has to be played through five times. This means that $1000 worth of bets would have to be played before any withdrawals could be made on winnings.


Another rule that may come with the welcome bonus is that the free money that is being offered for gameplay can only be played on specific games. This may be restricted to the slot game offerings. It can go even further than that and be restricted to specific slots.

Combination Bonuses

Another option that often comes with the casino welcome bonuses is combinations. Which means that a certain amount of money will be given as free play. Then there may be a certain amount of free spins allowed on designated slot games.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the welcome bonuses. The biggest advantage is to have more money to play with. The biggest disadvantage is the amount of play through that must be done before collecting any winnings.